Project proposal for the regeneration of the historical district "Zadvinje"
Architects – L. Levin, A. Vashkevich, V. Lukomsky, A. Osenenko, P. Mochalov
Historian – L. Khmelnitskaya
Project year – 2009
Client – TM of the architect L.M. Levina
Area of the plot – 50 hectares
Location – Belarus, Vitebsk, Pokrovskaya Street

Historical district of the city of Vitebsk within the borders of Kirova Street, Kosmonavtov Street, Zhores Street and Ilyinsky Street (embankment of the Western Dvina River) by now - the relatively holistic urban development. The basis of its originality is the preservation of historical planning with historical buildings. The high public and social significance of the area is conditioned by the house - museum and places connected with the name of Marc Chagall. The project of reconstruction, exept complete preservation, restoration and restoration of historic buildings, is regeneration using compensatory construction, subordinated to the existing town-planning structure of the quarter.
As a result of the implementation of the project proposal, the town-planning value of this region and the preservation of the historical and cultural potential will radically increase. The planning structure is being improved, attractiveness for investment and entrepreneurial activity, tourist potential will increase.

The main building of the first stage of construction will be an international art school with exhibition halls, artist workshops, a concert hall. In the second stage, construction of trade and business centers is envisaged. After the implementation of the third stage in the quarter, a full-fledged infrastructure of a large tourist complex with hotels, restaurants, shops, cultural and entertainment institutions, quarters of elite housing should be created. It is also planned to restore the spiritual dominants of the area - the synagogue on the street. Revolutionary, Ilinsky and Nikolskaya churches.
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