Park of culture and recreation "Solov'inaya roshcha" in Smolensk (Russia)
Architects – D. Azarenko, A. Osenenko, V. Osenenko, M. Fadeeva
Design engineer – I. Azarenko, N. Tomilov
Engineers – T. Kononovich, V. Zavalnaya, A. Atrashkevich
Project year – 2017
Client – JSC "Your Home"
Total area – 20,9 hectares
Location – Russia, Smolensk

The territory of the park is located in the south-eastern part of Smolensk, in the recreational zone within the streets of General Troshev, General Paskevich, and Stroiteley Avenue. The composition of the park is presented in two rings of pedestrian paths. Radial-ring structure of tracks with a fountain in the center, located on the main pedestrian connection and near the main entrance are the most visited zones. Its main function is the transit of pedestrians (in the radial directions this zone is connected with all functional zones of the park) and mass events. The space in the radius of a wide circular footpath has a leveled paved surface in combination with a lawn, which will be used as a rink in winter. The areas for investment projects from the south and south-east side and the zone of stalls of seasonal trade on the west side are adjoined to this active zone. The second large pedestrian ring covers the eastern part of the park. It does not have such a regular shape as the first, as it passes through the overgrown part of the park, carefully avoiding them. The main function of this path is walking through the shady zone of the park.
Inside the second ring with a zone free from trees there are sports grounds: universal for sports games, a hockey box (in the summer a playground for a mini-football) and a platform for a workout.

There is a large area for investment projects closer to the main avenue of the park. Between the large circular paths there is a circular platform for concerts, gatherings, dances, etc., on which a collapsible design of the stage can be mounted. The dance floor is connected directly to the fountain square by a radial alley.

To improve the aesthetic appearance of the park in the main crossing directions, landscape compositions from ornamental species of trees, bushes and flowering plants have been designed. The main entrances of the park are oriented to the main pedestrian directions of the park: from Stroiteley Avenue through the pedestrian bridge over the reservoir on General Paskevich Street and from Rylenkov Street on the main avenue of the park before crossing with the alley leading to the pedestrian bridge across the pond.

In addition, the territory of the park has: bicycle paths with accommodation in winter for ski routes; children's playgrounds; recreational facilities for adults; a platform for walking dogs; outdoor lighting of the park; improvement of the city beach; two public toilets; parking in the surrounding area. Within the project, a program for greening the park, planting trees and bushes in the form of landscape groups in the key areas of pedestrian routes is planned.
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