Reconstruction of the quarter within the boundaries of Gagarin Avenue, Teneshevoy Street, Uritskogo Streets in Smolensk with the improvement of the boulevard named after Gagarin
Architects – A. Vashkevich, A. Osenenko, V. Lukomsky, P. Mochalov.
Project year – 2004
Client – Eurostroy MGS
The total area of apartments – 4.54 hectares, 32000 m2
Location – Russia, Smolensk, Gagarin Avenue , Teneshevoy Street, Uritskogo Street

The projected quarter, limited within Teneshevoy Street, Gagarin Avenue, Uritsky Street, is located in the central part of the city. The plot is built up with brick buildings of residential and public buildings from 1 to 5 floors in 50-60 years of the last century. The project is provided as the reconstruction of the existing residential development with an overbuilding of the attic floor, the insertion of new residential buildings into the perimeter building, the reconstruction of the facades of houses, the improvement of the intraquarter territory, the reconstruction of engineering networks. and the construction of new residential groups on the site proposed for the demolition of existing houses.

The number of storeys of residential buildings varies from three storeys to six storeys, emphasizing the features of the terrain and creating a plastically developed stepped spatial composition of the block.

The purpose of the reconstruction is the physical and social rehabilitation of the residential area of the quarter. At the intersection of Teneshevoy Street and Gagarin Avenue is the main high-altitude dominant of the block. In this 2-9 storied building there are: a hotel for 200 persons, a shopping and entertainment complex, office premises, underground parking lots.

Gagarin Boulevard is proposed to be made an intra-quarter pedestrian zone, saturated with the objects of trade, catering, culture and consumer services that come to it on the first floor. The main object forming the boulevard is the 7-storey cultural and recreational center, centered on the main axis on Gagarin Avenue. The center is located on the site of the existing bathhouse and in its composition has saunas for 23 seats, a gym, a gym for shaping, a hall for playing basketball and mini football, a cafe, a beauty salon, office space.

The boulevard will also serve as a corridor of the main intra-quarter and transit engineering networks.

In the central part of the block, in front of the multifunctional complex, there is a small square with a monument to Yuri Gagarin. This area, as well as the second node, located in the northern part of the boulevard, is the intersection of existing pedestrian flows, which are fixed in the project and included in the general scheme of pedestrian and transport links
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