Microdistrict # 4 in Beloyarsky, Russia.
Architects – A. Osenenko, E. Puzyrevskaya
Design engineer – I. Azarenko, N. Tomilov
Engineers – E. Yurchenko, L. Kuznetsova, I. Antipova, T. Myalik
Project year – 2006

Year of construction - 2012
Client – UCS of the city of Beloyarsky
The territory of the microdistrict – 20.6 hectares
The total area of the apartments – 59076 m2
Location – Russia, KhMAO, Beloyarsk

The basis of composition of the microdistrict is the combination of a system of visual-semantic dominants with a system of pedestrian and transport links. One of the dominants is the temple of the Monk Seraphim Sarovskiy. The second dominant, the tallest building in the city. This is the hotel "Caribou" in the Central Street. The restaurant and entertainment complex within the hotel, the adjacent buildings of the administration of specially protected natural areas and the museum of nature of the region are also an attractive place for the residents of the microdistrict. The third dominant, nursing home, closes the Novaya Street. In contrast to the first two dominants, this object is lower than the surrounding construction. It is this difference, plus the dominant position at the end of the street, plus the plastic volumetric solution that makes this building town-planning significant. In addition, it visually links the temple and the hotel into a single compositional system of city landmarks. Similarly to the pedestrian boulevard in the quarter "Stroitel". Part of the first floors of residential buildings, along this pedestrian connection, are given to social enterprises.
The variable number of storeys of residential buildings is due both to the conditions of insolation of living rooms and to the compositional features of building sites. Lowering the number of storeys of houses on the approach to a nursing home emphasizes its town-planning significance, reinforcing the prospect's effect.

The Kazym river with a pedestrian embankment is considered as one of the most important city-forming main roads of the city. The rhythm of accents in the construction of the embankment, given by the buildings of the river station and the NGDU RitekBeloyarskneft, is supported by the buildings of the nursing home and a 5-point residential houses.

The closed spaces of the yards have a comfortable scale for the man. The adopted planning system provides protection from winter winds and, at the same time, does not prevent normal aeration of courtyard spaces in the summer.

The main transport communications divide the neighborhood into three parts: the quarter "Builder", the block between Stroiteley Street and the promising direction of the embankment of the river Kazim and the block for the Novaya Street, the final construction of the city in the north-west direction. These three blocks are allocated not only by planning, but also differ from each other in architectural solutions of the facades of residential development.
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