"Alexandrovsky Quarter" in Smolensk, Krasninskoe Highway (Russia)
Architects – A. Osenenko, V. Osenenko, M. Fadeeva
Engineers – T. Kononovich, A. Atrashkevich, V. Zavalnaya, S. Grebeshkova
Project year – 2016
Client – JSC "Your Home"
The area of the plot – 9 hectares
The total area of apartments – 140,000 m2
Location – Russia, Smolensk, Krasninskoe Highway

The block consigned for building in microdistrict II on the Krasninskoe highway in Smolensk is in the south-western part of Smolensk. The quarter is divided by a residential street into two sections: southern and northern. The releasing of the yard space of residential buildings from traffic is the general planning reception of both sites of the yard space of residential buildings. Passages and parking are located along the perimeter of groups of residential buildings, thus creating a safe environment for the residents of the quarter. At the same time, the reinforced covering and sufficient width of the sidewalks along the facades of the houses allow providing the access of special equipment to each entrance of the house.

In the center of the southern part of the block there is a pedestrian boulevard with playgrounds for children, adults and sports grounds. A part of the premises of social and domestic services of the quarter located in the first floors of residential buildings also are oriented on the. Thus, the boulevard serves as a socio-cultural space where the social life of the residents of the quarter will be concentrated. The boulevard runs along the territory of the kindergarten and ends at the residential street that separates the northern and southern part of the quarter.
In the southern part of the quarter, three U-shaped 10-storey brick residential houses, a kindergarten for 150 people and a 5-storey garage-parking lot for residents of the quarter are designed. The cozy yard spaces of apartment houses are oriented to the south and are well insolated.

The northern part is built up by linear 9-10-storeyed brick apartment houses and single-section point 14-storey residential buildings with a monolithic reinforced concrete frame. The houses are oriented in the direction of north-south, which provides a normal insolation of apartments with a high density of construction and excellent insolation of the yard with children's playgrounds and sports grounds. Lowering the number of storeys of two sectional houses in the center of the northern part up to 9 floors highlights the height of three point residential houses located along the border of the plot.

Along the driveways to the houses there are guest parking and parking for temporary storage of personal cars. On the territory of the block there is a garage-parking for 300 cars.

All sections of residential buildings have through passageways on the first floor. On one hand, this allows to have the connection of each section with the passage and parking, on the other hand - a safe, non-intersecting with the transport, access to the yard with children's and sports grounds.
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