Multifunctional sports complex with tennis courts Yestoday Minsk, E.Polotskaya Street 4 (Belarus)
hitects – V. Osenenko, A. Osenenko, J. Morozov, M. Fadeeva,
D. Azarenko
Design engineer – I. Azarenko, V. Azarenko, N. Tomilov
Engineers – E. Yurchenko, T. Kononovich, N. Prusov, S. Grebeshkova,
S. Shagova.
Project year – 2015
Realization – 2017
Client – LLC "SK7"
Total area – 6139 m2
Location – Belarus, Minsk, Yefrosin'ya Polotskaya Street 4

The complex includes a three-story buildingы (overall dimensions in the plan - 55х101м) and four open tennis courts with stands for 170 spectators.
The building functionally and compositionally consists of two blocks: a fitness center block and a block of indoor tennis courts. The building is facing the main facade to E. Polotskaya Street. Thanks to its expressive forms, large glazing planes, this volume becomes an active architectural element of the formation of street space. A more calm form of the block of indoor tennis courts is organically adjacent to the natural landscape of the recreational zone.
The glazed front wall of the courts opens the view from inside the building to the surrounding nature, and from the outside visually lightens the mass of large volume.
On the first floor of the building there are: a lobby with an open staircase and an elevator common to the fitness block and a block of tennis courts, which is the main distribution center of the building, wardrobe, locker rooms, aqua zone with baths, cafe for 30 seats, children's play center, reception with a kiosk selling sports supplies, placing the front office.
Below the first floor at the mark. -1.800 tennis courts, warm-up, coaching are placed.
On the second floor there is a block of gyms, allocated with translucent partitions, a coaching room and a beauty salon block. From both blocks it is possible to access to the terraces.
The third floor of the building is occupied by the administration and staff of the complex.
In the basement there are technical and service rooms.
The project provides for the construction of a building of a sports and health complex with indoor tennis courts, as well as 4 outdoor tennis courts with a stand for 170 seats and a parking lot with a capacity of 42 parking spaces, incl. 2 places for disabled cars. A landscaped zone has been designed too. A fence is installed along the perimeter of the technological platform, and a barrier is provided. The height of the first floor to the bottom of the ceiling is -4.6 meters, the second - to the bottom of the metal frames - from 3.65 m to 4.8 m.
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