Reconstruction of the store "Vitebskiye produkty" in Frunze Avenue in Vitebsk (Belarus)
Architects – A. Osenenko, V. Danilov, P. Mochalov
Constructors – I. Azarenko, N. Tomilov, L. Kirillova
Engineers – E. Yurchenko, V. Zavalnaya, L. Kuznetsova, I. Antipova
Project year – 2005
Year of construction - 2006
Client – OJSC "Vitebsk products"
Total area – 1855 m2
Location – Belarus, Vitebsk, Frunze Avenue

The reconstructed shop is located at the intersection of Berestenya Street and Frunze Avenue. One-story building of the store is attached to the end of a 5-storey residential building.
Part of the store premises is built in the first floor of the residential building from the butt. The entrance to the trading hall is oriented to the intersection.
The store building is a town-planning accent on this site Frunze Ave. In front of the main facade of the store there is a parking lot and a place for a summer cafe.
The reconstruction project provided for the re-planning of the store in order to maximize the area of the trading floor, provide communication links of the 1st floor and the basement, as well as the built-in and attached parts of the building. The flat roof was replaced with a pitched roof, so that the height of the trading hall increased, its space became two-colored.
The entrance to the trading hall of the wine and vodka department is provided autonomously.
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