Multifunctional shopping center "Radziwill" in Zenkovoy Street, 1 in Vitebsk (Belarus)
Architects – A. Osenenko, V. Osenenko, V. Semenenko, J. Morozov, M. Fadeeva
Design engineer – I. Azarenko, N. Tomilov
Engineers – T. Kononovich, M. Karnaushko, V. Zavalnaya, A. Atrashkevich,
S. Semenenko, S. Shagova
Project year – 2017
Client – LLC " AltEnergy "
Total area – 23838 m2
Location – Belarus, Vitebsk, Zenkovoy Street, 1

The project is the reconstruction of the workshop for the production of machinery and equipment for a multifunctional public shopping center. The building is located from the long side along Budyonnogo Street. Entrances for visitors are oriented both to the street, where public transport stops are located and to the parking territory, which is located on the courtyard territory of the site.
The architectural and planning solution of the multifunctional public shopping center are based on the marketing concept developed by ACR international, the modern planning and economic requirements for the formation of large multifunctional public and shopping centers.

The two-story building of the multifunctional public-trading center has the dimensions of a plan of 79x192m in axes. A one-storey block from the parking side is attached to the existing volume, where the ventilation equipment is based on the roof. Accents with architectural approaches from the street made it possible to solve the main facade of the building with interesting ductile shape. The main entrance for visitors is supposed from the corner of the building, oriented to the crossroads of Budyonnogo Street and Zenkovoy Street.

On the first floor there are a food supermarket, specialized large anchor shops and retail premises for renting. Two shops in the northern end of the building are made with two floors with their stairs, elevators and escalators.

The second floor and the first floor are connected by a block of escalators, elevators and stairs. Part of the second floor (dining area of food court and exhibition and entertainment zone) is presented as a mutual part with shopping galleries on the ground floor. The double-light volume has natural light through windows and lanterns of the upper light.
On the second floor specialized shops of anchor tenants, commercial premises for leasing, exhibition and gaming complex, food court for 7 operators, bowling for 6 lanes, administrative and utility rooms are designed.
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