Reconstruction of the building under the shopping center in Vitebsk (Belarus)
Architects – A. Osenenko, Y. Morozov, S. Danilov
Design engineer – I. Azarenko, N. Tomilov
Engineers – E.Yurchenko, V.Zavalnaya, T.Kononovich, A.Atrashkevich, S.Shagova
Project year – 2014
Client – ODO "Vitebskiy dvor"
Total area – 7227 m2
Location – Belarus, Vitebsk

The reconstructed one-stop convenience shop is a 5-storey rectangular building in plan (42x30m) with a technical underground in the central part and a technical floor.
Reconstruction provides for a change in the planning and technological structure of the building, as well as its architectural appearance.

From the street The cosmonauts are attached an additional volume that includes a ladder with a panoramic elevator. From the side of the courtyard is added an additional volume that includes an elevator. From the administrative premises on the top floor designed exploited roof.

The shopping center consists of three main functional parts: 1st to 4th floors - trade pavilions; The 5th floor is multifunctional with the accommodation of a cafeteria, gaming machines, children's playgrounds, a video hall. From the lobby of the first floor to the second floor designed escalators.
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