Shopping and entertainment center in Moscowsky avenue in m. Bilevo, Vitebsk (Belarus)
Architects – A. Osenenko, S. Danilov, P. Mochalov, O. Ermachok
Design engineer – I. Azarenko, N. Tomilov, M. Vyazigin
Engineers – E. Yurchenko, V. Zavalnaya, L. Vorobyova, I. Antipova, S. Shagova
Project year – 2012
Year of construction – 2016
Client – Ltd "Euroopt"
Total area – 32465.5 m2
Location – Belarus, Vitebsk, Moscowsky Avenue

The complex of shopping and entertainment center buildings is located along Moskovsky Avenue in Vitebsk in Bilevo district. The architectural and compositional solution of the complex's buildings are based on a combination of horizontal volumes and a glazing pattern with a vertical volume of the main advertising tower, which has a characteristic silhouette.

The main entrances and main communication nodes are accentuated by large canopies with a top light. To connect with the residential microdistrict "Bilevo 1" located on the other side of Moskovsky Avenue, an overpass pedestrian crossing was built.
The whole complex is divided into three stages: a food hypermarket with an industrial goods store, a DIY store and a shopping gallery with a cafe, a block of shopping galleries.
The retail rooms of the center have been solved in the form of two-light volumes, some of which are taken in 2 floors. The rooms for visitors, loading stores, storage and preparation for sale are located at the same level (floor of the ground floor), on the second floors - only administrative and engineering rooms . All the lines of the complex are united by a shopping gallery with a top light.
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