Dwelling houses in Braslav (Belarus)
Architects – A. Osenenko, A. Vashkevich, N. Churoba, O. Ermachok,
Design engineer – I. Azarenko, N. Tomilov, L. Kirillova
Engineers – : E. Yurchenko, L. Vorobyeva, V. Zavalnaya, A. Atrashkevich
Project year – 2011
Client – Nordin LLC
Total area of apartments – 1966 m2
Location – Belarus, Braslav, Kirpichnaya Street

The site of construction of two four-storey apartment buildings in Braslav is bordered by a forest-park zone.
The location of houses among age-old limes, maples and birches determined their architectural solution.
Restrained warm colors, application in the decoration of facing panels with a wood texture, pitched roofs. The fourth floor is designed with a mansard that visually reduces the height of buildings, making them a large-scale environment. The steep terrain of the site made it possible to make a basement floor, in which all technical rooms for servicing houses are concentrated. Two-section houses. In each projected for 28 apartments, including:
- one-room -12;
- two-room-12;
- Three-room -4;
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